APTA VITAE Trust is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), the will of Giovanni Fabris and established in 2017 for the purpose of tackling all the issues contributing to the achievement of people’s well-being. A Management Committee, a Technical-Scientific Committee in which universities hold a stake, a Collective Impact Committee consisting of primary companies, a Community open to all and sundry. APTA VITAE Trust is the majority shareholder of APTA VITAE Srl, a company whose aim is to provide training courses. APTA VITAE Srl has a stake in the company Wellference Srl, whose purpose is to organise conferences on the topic of well-being.

“It will be a long and not an easy process, yet an exciting one at the same time. We will also speak of aspects very “close to Human Beings”, which have always been at the centre of our lives. The contribution by the best experiences and researches from different cultures will enable us to lend an extremely important contribution to the “Search for Well-Being”, a multi-disciplinary process we want to share with whoever makes the difference”.

Giovanni Fabris


The well-being of the person. “The emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual state making up the well-being of the individual; more than a “state”, it is a “dynamic condition” of balance founded on the individual’s capacity to positively interact with the environment despite the ongoing change of the surrounding reality.


The aim of APTA VITAE Trust is to “facilitate the studies, researches, professional training and dissemination of culture on the issue of personal well-being”.


Implementing studies, conferences and publishing activities dealing with the search for man’s well-being.
Organizing training activities for persons who intend undertaking activities in the world of sustainability and well-being.
Conceiving, preparing and implementing information and sensitisation campaigns aimed at spreading the culture of sustainability and human well-being.
Concluding agreements and institutional relationships with associations, universities and both public and foreign bodies through conventions and memoranda of understanding.
Carrying out any other activity associated with and instrumental to the accomplishment of APTA VITAE Trust’s aims.


The Technical-Scientific Committee is the advisory body that assists the Management Committee with the identification, selection and assessment of the initiatives to undertake, the projects to propose, and the collaborations to embark upon to further the purposes set out in the articles of association. The Technical-Scientific Committee furthermore provides technically and/or scientifically qualified opinions and judgments on the implications of such initiatives, projects and/or collaborations. Within the committee, one or more coordinators are identified with the role of interface with the Management Committee.


The commitment by a group of stakeholders - public and private companies, public administrations, universities, NGOs – from different sectors that share the mission of APTA VITAE Trust Non-Profit Organization to a common agenda to solve a specific social problem using a structured form of collaboration.


The physical and juristic persons that want to feel part of this project will be able, by registering with the Community, to have all the most important information on the topic of “Well-Being”.


In December 2017, a collaboration agreement between APTA VITAE Trust and International Well Building Institute was concluded. The Chairman of IWBI, Kamyar Vaghar, and Giovanni Fabris on behalf of APTA VITAE Trust signed the agreement for the development in Italy of the WELL protocol and all the products and offers in the IWBI (International WELL Building Institute) area. IWBI will also lend its support to the APTA VITAE organisation and Wellference throughout the EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa area).

In June 2018, APTA VITAE Trust collaboration agreement with First Q Network. The study, research and dissemination by conferences on the “Well-Being” topics.


The activities of APTA VITAE begin in September and end in June. The scheduling of all the activities has a three years’ duration. The first three-year period began in September 2018 and will end in June 2021. Thirty conferences are scheduled, beginning with those in Milan and Madrid to be held this year. 30 training courses are scheduled on “Well-Being” topics. The activity of the Technical-Scientific Committee, besides identifying, selecting and assessing the initiatives to implement, the projects to put forward and the collaborations to activate, will involve universities, professors, professionals from the EMEA area and the Collective Impact Committee in furthering the purposes set out in the articles of association around the topics of personal “Well-Being”. APTA VITAE will make available to the registered members a platform where they can find information, events and conferences on the topics from the “Well-Being” area. There will also be an area dedicated to researches; the researches by bodies, foundations and universities will be available for consultation.


Apta Vitae

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