"The emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual state of wellbeing that enables a person to achieve and maintain his or her personal potential in society".
World Health Organization 1998

APTA VITAE aims to "facilitate the study, research and divulgation in the field of personal wellness".

The emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual state makes up the "wellbeing" of an individual, but more than a "state" it is a "dynamic condition" of balance founded on the individual’s capacity to positively interact with the environment despite the ongoing change of the surrounding reality.

The individual has always been searching for his or her own state of "wellness", it is in his DNA, it is in his or her evolution, but never as in the last twenty years has he or she been able to find and create such an awareness. 


Health and Wellness are today key requirements in buildings and represent the second wave of sustainability. We spend about 90% of our time indoors, and our physical environment impacts our health more than lifestyle, medical care and genetics. For companies, investing in people and helping to improve their physical and mental health is common sense: 90% of corporate expenses are tied to salary and benefits, which means the ROI of healthier and happier employees extends to cost-savings, too.

The aim of the event in Italy is to present information about the International WELL Building InstituteTM (IWBITM) and its WELL Building StandardTM (WELLTM), and to start a proactive discussion among Italian and Mediterranean Stakeholders (Investors, Property Managers, Designers,…). To do this, a new not-for-profit company called APTA VITAE has been created to share the vision about the role of buildings and communities in health and wellness, and to promote the WELL Building Standard in RE markets, through education, networking, and community.


Apta Vitae

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